Rolling With the Punches

What do you do when it seems like things are not working in your favor? Often times when things get rough, it’s natural to want it stop. We just want things to always be how they usually are, but unfortunately life does not work that way. However, I can assure you that regardless of what it looks like, that very thing that is happening in your life right now will make you better and stronger. I’ve realized in life there are some things you will just have to endure, but when things get rough know that it is only temporary and it is just a season of your life. So don’t pray and ask God to get you out of it, pray and ask God for the strength to get you through it. The things that God are trying to teach you in this season will be beneficial to you at some point in your life and it is preparing you for the next level. So don’t try to avoid adversity because it’s apart of life. Just keep rolling with the punches and trust the process.

With love,

Chef Johnene Joy

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